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On 29 July 1914 The Admiralty was informed by the Cabinet, ‘as the Royal Flying Corps will accompany the Army when it fought abroad, the Royal Naval Air Service would have to take responsibility for the air defence of Great Britain.’


Five days later war is declared against Germany.




Remembrance Sunday 2014 - 2019


Remembrance Sunday, the second Sunday in November, is the day traditionally put aside to remember all those who have given their lives for the peace and freedom we enjoy today. On this day people across the nation pause to reflect on the sacrifices made by our brave Service men and women.

All members of Associations allied to the Fly Navy Federation ttake part in the Service of Remembrance in Whitehall. After the service we march past with our Associations grouped together as the Fleet Air Arm and then proceeded to the Feet Air Arm Memorial on the Embankment.


We then hold a short service at the Fleet Air Arm Memorial, where individual wreaths are laid as part of the service. Then to the individual association watering holes for refreshments.

If you wish to join us then please contact your own association. You will need an entrance ticket for the Ceremony and march past in Whitehall which will be provided by your own Association who can also provide details as appropriate. If you do not, or cannot march then you can still attend the service on the embankment. You will be most welcome.




Remembrance Sunday 2020

Thames Embankment

Weymouth 2020


Lee on Solent


Telford & Wrekin