Fly Navy Federation

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National Memorial Arboretum

The Fleet Air Arm Memorial at the NRM is an Aircraft Carrier sourrounded by individual Squadron,Ship and Association plaques. Due to the popularity of these plaques the Fly Navy Federation took the decision to commission an extra ring of plaques. This should ensure that there are enough plaques available to last for a good many years. I am pleased to report that all FNF Association were fully involved in this process and this has been acknowledged on one of the new plaques.

association plaque

.The Carrier was given a steam clean as part of the inprovements. Big thanks to Alan Breward for the photographs and for overseeing the work on site  on behalf of the Federation. The next two images show the new layout and spruce up.

FAA memorial nrm 2016 after clean Steam Clean RM

Contact the Secretary here for details and costs of a Plaque...