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Plaque Update & Rescrub




NMA Plaque Update & Rescrub

If you have ever visited the National Memorial Arboretum NMA you will

probably have seen the Aircraft Carrier memorial complete with a border of Plaques. These plaques have proved very popular with Ships and Association so, with an eye to the future, a second row of, as yet, unmarked plaques has been established.


Please see below some images taken by Natural Cut Stone, the company that built and maintain the memorial,in mid 2018 at the National Memorial Arboretum, following the cleaning of the Fleet Air Arm memorial.


For those that saw the discolouration of the stone after the flooded ground lin winter 2017/18, I think all will agree that the transformation is fantastic. The stones are almost as new again.


A sealant has also been applied, and this should help to protect them against ingrained dirt and algae growth for the next few years.

The cost of the cleaning, sealing and some repairs to the grout was £540. Although this is very good value, and is covered by previous donations to FNF funds we might ask for donations to cover future cleaning and restoration.

Contact the Secretary here for details and costs of a Plaque or simply to make a donation.

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