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Dear fellow members of the Fly Navy Federation,


In these trying times, it is clear that a lot of the burden and worry is falling on the shoulders of the elderly.  To be a bit more parochial and in the finest traditions of the Fleet Air Arm (and also now very much in line with the latest government request for volunteers, answered by over 400,000 people in 24 hours!),  I wonder if some of you might consider picking up the phone on the odd occasion whilst we are all sitting at home under lockdown.   A simple 5 minute phone call and bit of banter with a fellow member of your own Association might be all it needs to lift their spirits.   Time to gather round our shipmates perhaps?    


Stay safe.




Jock Alexander


Cdre Jock Alexander OBE MA FRAeS



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"Hello I have some pictures attached which might be of interest to you, they are from my great uncle Arthur (Pat) Edwards who attended circa 1939-40  the photographs have only recently come to light as they were kept hidden away after his death in 1944.

Uncle Arthur D/JX 162712 was a signalman and served aboard HMS Prince of Wales.

When it was sunk on 10th December 1941 he was rescued and taken to Australia on arrival there he discovered the key for the signal box was still in his pocket, this ordinary looking brass key and his medals were also amongst the artifacts of his which were kept along with the pictures. He was later assigned to the frigate HMS Whitaker,  tragically on the 1st November 1944 he was killed t the age of 21 when it was struck by 2 torpedoes from U-483.

I hope you find them off interest.