A FAA Heritage Day is being held at RNAS Culdrose on Thursday 09 May. The format will be an afternoon of dit spinning in the Station Cinema with a background theme of carrier operations, commencing at 1300.


There is then a Mess Dinner in the evening, being held in the Wardroom, with our Head of Fighting Arm, Rear Admiral Martin Connell being the Guest of Honour. The audience will be a mix of serving Officers and veterans along with a number of Senior and Junior Rates, all basking in our rich heritage with the aim to inspire and aspire.


All are welcome to attend, to book a place for either the afternoon or evening please email Cdr Jason Phillips direct at jason.phillips401@mod.gov.uk

The afternoon is free but please still let Jason know for security purposes. Should you wish to attend the Mess Dinner, hopefully the cost will be approximately £25 a head. Limited accommodation is available for which I’m afraid there should be a charge, likely to range between £11 and £15 for the night.




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