The FNF is the umbrella organisation within which the various Fleet Air Arm Associations are able to maintain contact with each other and to assist each other when appropriate. The concept is also to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience of former FAA members in order to help and support the current serving force, to remain strong and independent in the face of future changes . The FNF is thus a loose alliance working towards the same common goal whilst maintaining the autonomy of each association.

In 2009 the Federation’s focus was to support and assist with the celebration of 100 years of Naval aviation  (Fly Navy 100), now beyond that to continue to keep the FAA at the fore-front of public awareness with the introduction of the two new aircraft carriers.


Fly Navy Federation

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Navy Wings was launched by the FNHT (Fly Navy Heritage Trust)at Yeovilton Air Day, with the assistance of the author Frederick Forsyth.

Navy Wings is an exciting development, which brings together the aircraft of the RNHF (Royal Naval Historic Flight) with civilian owned historic naval aircraft, ranging from biplanes to helicopters and the iconic Sea Vixen.


A brand new website has been launched, and all associations are requested to add a link to this on their own web pages or a like on Facebook. a mention on Twitter etc. The FNHT website now only redirects to the Navy Wings site.


Good support for Navy Wings is essential for keeping the historic flight aircraft airborne as MOD funding reduces. Please encourage all your members to look at the site and to sign up as supporters if they are not already.



Navy Wings

Navy Wings

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